Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

Things to Consider When Renting Your Spare Room

When your rent is high, and you have struggled in the past to pay it on time, renting out your spare room can be the solution to your problems. There are plenty of sites like Airbnb that offer you the facilities to rent your room or your entire home for short periods of time with ease. Before you jump in and sign up to these sites, it is important to first consider everything carefully. If you’d like to know more about renting your spare room, keep reading to find out more!

Finding the Right Guests

If you are simply planning on renting out your spare room to a stranger using social media or other spare room pages, you might want to think again. Using these methods can sometimes mean that you are left with tenants that you wouldn’t normally want staying in your home. Airbnb is a great site that lets you advertise your room or home to people from all over the world who are likely to be travelling to where you live. With Airbnb, you can see the profile of the potential guests and you can read some reviews from their previous hosts. Make sure to choose a trusted site to rent your room on as this will give you more piece of mind.

You Can Get Help

The great thing about using Airbnb is that there are actually companies that will take control of your property for you. The people from Hostmaker Airbnb Services will give you advice on how much you should charge for your room, provide you with cleaning services and give your guests excellent service so that you don’t have to worry about the small details. This is a great service for those people who want to rent out their home or room for a short period of time but don’t have the time to manage it effectively.

Tell the Right People

It is important that you contact the relevant people when you are deciding to rent your room out. It is very important that you contact your insurance provider as there might end up being some damage to your home that is not covered by the site’s host guarantee. Letting your insurance provider know that you are going to have the occasional guest will help you to cover yourself in case anything happens. Another person that you should contact is your mortgage provider, although this may not seem obvious at first. This is simply to make sure that you are in the know about any rights that the lodger might have, and you can be prepared for anything that might happen.

Final Summary

Overall, it is important that you totally understand what you are getting into when you decide to rent out your home or spare room. Make sure to use a trusted site like Airbnb and consider taking advantage of management services if you think that this will help you get more money!

Image: Pixabay