Things to consider when Building an Extension

People build extensions to their home or property for many different reasons which include financial reasons but also for extra additional rooms in their homes or business.  Making this decision can be very tricky and there is a lot to consider before actually moving ahead with this.  We have detailed some of these points for you to consider.

Space Available

Before you can even consider building an extension to your property then clearly there needs to be adequate space for you to do so.  Make sure that when planning this out you are clear of the consequences i.e. if you build an extension that encroaches on your garden space for example, you will have less room in this particular area.  Your extension should have a good purpose therefore make sure that you think this out carefully as it may actually be more cost effective and hassle free to actually sell up and move to another property.


Doing this activity doesn’t come without some grief from the local authority.  This can be quite a difficult task and you may need to seek some support of a residential design firm to do this.  They will want to know exactly the dimensions of what you are planning to do and the reason for this.  In addition, drawings of the proposed layout will be required.  Once this has all been sent in they will also look to potentially get permission from your neighbours to ensure they don’t have any objections.  If a neighbour objects, it does not necessarily mean the project doesn’t go ahead however their reasoning for rejection will be seriously considered.  Some common reasons include things like the additional extension could infringe on their view or daylight getting into their area.


 You need to be aware that this won’t be a cheap project.  You could choose to do it alone however with this comes risks as you may not fully comprehend all the permissions required or even the basic material and structural requirements.  If you have in your mind what you want let a design company do the rest for you in so that this is hassle free.  Ensure that at the beginning of the project you have fully agreed what is required and that the price is locked down.  It is not uncommon for scope to creep which clearly impacts the cost of the full project.

Property Value

Nine times out of ten the property value will increase when you add more rooms to it.  This is definitely something that will help with increasing the value if you are actually considering the home in the near future.  Depending on what the extension entails, people commonly do things like add another room and floor to either the left or right of the home with additional bedroom.  Also some people actually consider things like converting their garage into a room.  This is a low cost way to get an extra room added to your home but clearly comes with the same complications like planning permission.