Wed. Jul 8th, 2020

Determining whether a home stay family is for you

Making a decision to move to a new location can be one of the biggest decision that you make in your life.  There is lots to take into account which include potentially leaving your family and friends behind, what you are going to get out of the move and probably one of the most stressful points – the accommodation that you are going to be living in.  Some people decide to fully relocate and purchase / rent property but there is also the option of staying with a host family in order to minimise costs. This option is sometimes overlooked by people however there are a lot of benefits in doing this.


If you are looking to minimise costs then compared to normal rental accommodation this could be a way to do this.  Generally there are many host families in England that offer different financial options for the stay.  This can be including things like sharing a room with someone which will clearly bring the price down.  There are however some additional costs that the company may include that you need to be aware of.  This can be things like administration fees, deposit required before stay (generally these are refundable but be sure to understand the terms of this), summer or Christmas additional costs (sometimes there are additional charges for stay over these periods).


As house prices and rent continues to grow then this particular industry continues to increase as it’s a more affordable options.  This then includes the variety of locations available to choose from.  Depending on what exactly is the purpose of your stay will determine where it is you are looking to be located however pay close attention to things like the reliability of the public transport and the different transport networks.  In large cities like London then you will find that there is buses, undergrounds and sometimes trains not a far distance from where you would be.  Bear in mind also that some areas of cities can be considered rough.  As such, don’t always go for the cheapest options and do some research on the specific area (things like crime rate).

Staying with other people

Clearly one of the reasons that staying with a host family is cheaper is down to the fact that you may be sharing with others, this may also include sharing a room with someone.  There are some points that you should take into consideration when sharing with other people:

  • Ensure you get to know the background information of the people you are sharing with including things like nationality, age, background.  There will be clearly a need for you to trust the people you are living with therefore the better you get to know them clearly is more advantageous.
  • You should ensure you get to know if people are sharing things like toilets or if there are any dedicated for you.
  • Try and find out what the purpose is that the other people are staying in the accommodation for.  You may have something in common and be able to jointly do activities.