Tue. Mar 31st, 2020

Building New Homes on the North Shore of Auckland

Do you dream about a house in a beautiful new destination? People around the world are inspired daily by photos and movies about dream houses in a variety of locations. The process of building those houses is deliberate and well planned, each paint colour picked with care and large windows cleaned to sparkle. Finding the correct location for your dream house is the most important step in the process of building a new home and people often gravitate to beach locations in California, Spain, Italy, Australia, or New Zealand.

Choosing New Zealand

With a surprisingly small population of just four and a half million people, New Zealand has become a top location for new homes surrounded by picturesque landscape, delicious food, and unique beaches. The overall success of the country makes it a top choice for prospective home builders and in the past year, the housing market has climbed with property values high on the north shore.

While many new homes are built in southern New Zealand, many people find that the northern area has much to offer, such as fine wineries and locally grown food. Beautiful coastlines, rich culture, and a dynamic, progressive atmosphere has created an exciting market for a new home builder in Auckland, North Shore.

Four Steps for Building a Home

All new home builders will allow you to look through several options and a good builder should never rush or pressure you into a decision. This step will arguably take the longest amount of time and should include multiple suggestions, in-depth discussion and revision. New home builders need to review every detail of the designs, both inside and out. If you prefer to choose from a range of pre-designed homes, be sure to specify colours and building materials and note any small changes that you want the builder to make.

Your new home builder should also assign a dedicated site manager to the entire project. The site manager will oversee all aspects of your project from plans to final build, including making sure that everything runs on time and on budget.

The four main steps for building a new home include exciting new plans, decor choices, and, of course building:

  1. Choosing a builder is an important step. Research possible contractors well and consider interviewing each one in person.
  2. Designing the concept for the new home determines the aesthetic and look while the working plans outline the materials, colours, lighting, and much more.
  3. Submit your plans for council approval. This step can be frustrating so it is important to be patient and trust that you have the right team by your side.
  4. The building aspect of your new home will take time; be sure to stay available for any questions your builder may have.

Building a beautiful home in an area full of growth potential and new ventures gives you a new location to experience all life has to offer. Auckland provides not only the beautiful views of ocean and mountains but it also embraces local culture and tradition, which new home builders experience firsthand.