Wed. Jul 8th, 2020

3 Additional Services That Your Local Locksmith Can Now Provide

It has happened to the best of us, and you shouldn’t be afraid or ashamed to admit it. We all have rushed out of our homes or business premises, pulled the door behind us, and then realised that we have left the keys inside. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, then it will, and then you get to feel how many of us have felt. In most situations, if you look through the letter-box of the door, you can see the keys right there on the table in the hall, and they are too far away for us to reach. You feel a very helpless and also a little bit stupid.

Who are you going to call?

After you get over the initial annoyance of it all and the general inconvenience that it has caused, you then need to figure out a way how to get your keys back. Most of us will do a quick reconnoitre of the building, checking to see if we have left a window open, that we can squeeze through. However, in most cases, the building is secure and so we need to think about breaking a window or door, or taking the better alternative which is to call out the locksmith.

Additional services.

You can find a locksmith in Mandurah if you find yourself in this kind of situation, and he can provide you with a number of excellent services. The following are just a few of those.

  • New locks – Your local locksmith stocks all of the popular locking systems, including UPVC window and door locks. In the event that you have lost your keys, or you have experienced a break-in into your property, then it makes sense to have all of the locks on the building changed. Nobody wants to provide an opportunity for a burglar to come back at a later time with your set of old keys that used to fit.
  • Alarm systems – It makes sense that your local locksmith would stock alarm systems as well. It seems a natural progression from providing locking systems, and he can provide you with all of the latest wireless systems currently available all across Australia. He will also fully install the system for you, so that is fully operational when he leaves.
  • Replacement glass – Again, it makes a lot of sense that your locksmith also expands into replacing the glass for your windows and doors. Homes and business properties get broken into, and in order to gain access to the building, a window is generally broken. When you call him out to replace the locks, you can also ask him to replace the broken glass for the window or door.

He is referred to as a locksmith in name, and yes, he does supply new locks and keys. However, there is a lot more to your modern locksmith nowadays. He provides a multitude of useful services that are all security related. If you find yourself in any of the above situations, give your local locksmith a call and he will get you out of the many difficult situations that you have found yourself in.